Exploring The Rich Natural Beauty of Australia with Aboriginal Artworks


Right from the Kakadu National Park to Darwin, there is this area called the ‘top end’ which falls under this section in Australia. The weather here is warm with a highly eye-catching contrasting outback landscape and subtle vegetation and an exceptional fauna merge, providing the eco-system of this area free from the grasp of modern society. All of this makes it one of the greatest of places to visit in Australia.

The Australian aboriginal artwork have become artifacts of the past age, yet it still has so much to give out to the world. Kakadu that basically belongs to the Aboriginal people covers roughly about 20,000 square kilometers of some of Australia’s most uncultivated and enthralling wilderness. This particular area is delightfully speckled with rainforest alcoves, the dwarf scrubland and forest swamps. This is even known to be the home of a few uncommon, exclusive and unusual animal species. However if you are thinking of exploring this breathtaking splendid expanse you need to be extremely careful as even crocodiles live in this region and have been quite sporadically been chewing on to some odd foolish tourists who do not follow the security instructions guide.

With water-lilies loosely flowing on billabongs, numerous magpie geese and cockatoos stay suspended in the thermal currents. You will notice the faces of caves and rocks being displayed with outstanding Australian aboriginal artwork.

Aboriginal art is quite a famous and renowned kin of art that actually is linked to native art or better known as having a relationship with -native Australian art. These consist of a flotilla of mediums such as rock carving, leaf art, sand painting and also exclusive wood art. They are extremely alluring and mesmerizing and definitely fall under the most interesting sorts of art the world has been ever discovered.

The rock sculptures and engravings is quite a famous native art form in Australia. Coming to rock engravings, they are found in huge variety in Australia. One of the most well recognized one being Murujuga in the Western Australian region.

Many of the engravings and sculptures that have been done on these rocks also depend on the nature of the rock on which it has been sculptured. Most often you will find this kind of art from one rock to the next one, while the design and the style too might be diverse and exclusive. For example in one region you might find a form of art which is not available or would not be commonly seen in any other part of Australia. In a few of the rock engravings you might notice animals and people being drawn as symbols and many of them have its expression or definition.

Different Uses Of Recycled Teak

As teak products are rare to come across these days, recycled teak products are on the rise, which is an eco friendly way to create wooden furniture without using fresh sources of hardwood. Recycled teak can be used in different ways, for creating furniture, flooring and built in items. There are several companies that specialize in working with reclaimed or recycled teak and use the material in different furniture items. They also provide certification about the original source of the wood. For those who are concerned about the source of the wood can look up certifying organizations and know how they audit the wood suppliers and whether a company is genuine about their claims.

Common sources

When it comes to getting teak for recycling it is usually obtained from old structures, barns, storehouses and homes. The structures are found in the tropics and consist of broad and large planks of the hardwood. These planks can be put to use again as well as cut down into different sizes for the making of reproduction furniture and similar items. Boats, shipping containers and railway cars also come with teak fittings which can be stripped off and reused in different ways.

Features of recycled teak

Teak that is recycled has beautiful and close grains that showcase its quality. Before matured trees were chosen for making structures and buildings for which the wood has a strong color and tight grains. Today teak is grown in plantations and are usually harvested early and bred to grow fast. This quality of teak has a coarse grain, is less strong and durable and less attractive. For that reason recycled teak can give a distinct look and feel to reproduction furniture in Melbourne.

Advantages of recycled teak

It is definitely more eco friendly to use recycled teak in wooden projects than to opt for fresh hardwood. New trees are not felled for these projects. There is no extra demand created from wood by recycling used teak from old structures. Most environmental experts are concerned about the extensive deforestation of the tropical forests and the destruction of the natural habitats of animals and other plants. By using recycled teak further felling of tropical trees is prevented.

Using local sources

Those who are looking for recycled teak need to source the wood locally. It is important that the carbon foot printing is reduced and hence, qualified furniture makers who use recycled teak first look around for local sources. Many communities have old buildings and structures from where wood can be recycled. It also helps to create jobs and construction projects and contributes to the local economy. These are some benefits that recycling can provide to a community, far beyond the creation of mere furniture pieces or construction elements for a certain building or structure.

Things To Keep In Mind When Starting A New Website

Whether your company is in the process of branding / rebranding or launching a new product you will always have the option of reaching more individuals and thereby creating awareness through the web or through the website, if your company has one. If your company does not currently have a website at all, or does not possess one which is updated regularly and you do not see the reason why you should actually spend on maintaining it; one of the reasons why creating one will definitely be a good move for your company is not only will it help the overall marketing as well as allowing your potential investors or suppliers to know in advance just how successful the establishment is and has been in the past.

So when it comes to making sure that you are investing on the right kind of website, here are a few guidelines which your company can follow to make sure that the website you are either putting up or re-launching will be able to do what it is supposed to do.

Visual appeal
The first step towards making sure that you are creating the best website amongst your competitors can be the ability for you to make it the most attractive and yet professional as well. There is a very fine line between making sure that the website you have set up is professional or if it gives out more of an amateur look. To give the website a professional look, you can have a headshot photographer come in and take a number of photographs which you are looking to introduce as part of building up your website.

Business information
Having a good company website can also help you to introduce the managers and other individuals in authority as the face of the company and the brains behind all that the company has achieved over its life time. When it comes to this you can hire corporate profile photography Melbourne and get a few shots of the individuals who make the difference along with the overall business information that an individual that is interested in the company will want to see.

Contact information
And finally it is very important that you have the required contact information updated with the most recent postal addresses, as well as the mail addresses and the telephone numbers that the company can be contacted through.
By creating a website of this kind, you will be able to uplift the company image to heights greater than you will realize.

Ideas For Decorating The Bathroom

The most personal room of the house, even more so than your own room is the bathroom.  It is where you sing your heart out and then think deeply of your future dreams and life goals and also where you admire yourself. But when you have a bleak bathroom then it becomes hard to even allow anyone to enter it. So instead of going for the lone potted plant, here are some ideas to help figure out what to put into the bathroom.

•         For the walls

Usually the walls are either tiled or just left bare. So instead of just leaving them bare, go for hanging a painting or two like some Emily Kame Kngwarreye work or other great inspirational works. Or go for some wall hangers (like the raw canvas works0 or even your favorite movie poster (framed retro posters are everyone’s favorite).

•         Pick colors carefully

When you have a painted or tiled bathroom (sometimes in multicolor mode) it is hard to pick interior decorative items (it is not like you can go and repaint or re-tile the whole bathroom). So take your time when picking colors for items to put inside the bathroom. If you are going for emily kame kngwarreye artworks work or other paintings or posters then there is nothing to worry about as you just need to hang it and it will do the whole work and you will not even need the potted plant.

But if you do not want a painting then you will have to do for a single item or two to put inside the bathroom. Depending on your walls, floors and cupboards then you will either have to go for a shocking color or a pastel shade. A pastel shade will blend in unless there is something outlandish or eye catching about it but the eye popping color items (even the toothbrush holder) will brighten up the whole room.

•         What kind of items

When putting aside posters and paintings, you can go for the traditional air purifying plants, dried flowers or plants in a glass container (looks classy with white walls) and a great patterned shower curtain that matches the shades of your wall. You can always place a wooden log or an antique stool you found at the secondhand store to place the towels and shampoo bottles and such by the tub. Be careful of the colors and items you are placing inside a bathroom. If you have a small bathroom do not place breakables or large items inside as it will end up taking out space left for maneuvering.