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Last Minute Event Checklist

This is an event checklist that you can refer to, a few days prior to even a few minutes before the start of a party, to ensure everything will be a smooth ride!


The venue has to be booked and confirmed as soon as possible, and the last minute checking has to be done at least a day prior to the pop up fashion event, or any event of any nature to ensure that the booking is still in place and there are no changes made. This is vital, as in some situations anything can go wrong and you should make sure that there is absolutely no room for mistakes of any sort.


You will have to get the RSVP from all the guests, and list it down once you do. If you don’t receive any, you will have to find a way to contact them and get feedback. This should also be done as early as possible, so that you have an almost accurate head count of who is turning up and who isn’t.


If you have hired a DJ, or a band or any other form of entertainment, you will have to call them and re remind them about the time and date. The entertainment is what sets the mood for the event, so ensuring this is in check is extremely vital for mood of the party!


Talk to the caterers, or the chef. Decide on the menu and visit the kitchen and food area a few time before the start of the event, so that you know that everything is going according to plan. You have to have a backup plan if anything were to go wrong, so that you will not be in lost in any case! Visit 


Remind everyone who is going to give speeches about the time they are allocated and at what time they are supposed to go on stage. Having a copy of the schedule will also be helpful, as this way everyone is well informed and prepared so you don’t have to run around!

Everything in place

If you are the host or the main organizer, you have to run around and do quite a bit of checking around and ensuring everything is kept in check. The event planner should do everything to keep the party alive. This has to be done, and if you are unable to do this and are in charge of ushering the guest, this responsibility has to be entrusted to someone with similar capabilities. Make sure you write down a list of all the factors that have to be looked into, and once that is done you can enjoy the party!

This checklist will get you through even the hardest of event planning times!

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How To Display Art In Your Home?

Art is a wonderful way to decorate your house and bring in some light into it. There are so many variations of art whether its paintings, drawings, sculptures, antique ornaments etc. What you need to do is select the right type of art to fit your house. This doesn’t mean piling everything you find inside your house. You need to be a bit strict about the selection process. Every piece of art may not be suitable for the atmosphere in your house.

You don’t have to be very formal in the placement of your art. When you have a seating arrangement or something that is the focus of the room, you can place your canvas wall art from Australia in the centre and then any additions will move outward from it. To create some harmony between the artwork that you place at that location, you can find art that have an underlying similarity such as a theme or colour. The point is not to have one piece of art dominate the presentation but instead to have a unified display that works together.

You can use art to even up the scale of the house. You may have a blank wall that’s quite high or that is double height where there is a furniture arrangement below. This space can look a little lonely or drab. You can spruce it up by using oversized canvas prints so that the area doesn’t look so blank anymore. You can fill up negative space with art so that the whole space looks much brighter and happier. Don’t choose artwork that will compete with the furniture. If you have beautiful timber or antique furniture, you can complement the arrangement by having a canvas print with muted colours. Always make sure that the artwork you choose fits in with the environment.

It is not just drawings and paintings you can use to decorate the space. Anything can be art. There could be items that have texture and different shapes such as driftwood, antiques etc. that will look beautiful in the right place. It can even create a statement. You can do the same thing when you’re looking for vases to place around the house. While some art come with a frame, you can use unframed art as well such as unframed canvases. They have a casual and informal theme that will mesh in well with a homely environment. You can use these in hallways or in your children’s bedrooms. If there is a tight area, you can stack the paintings vertically. This will help elongate a narrow space and add some colour into it.

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Reasons For Preferring Unique Shirts

$600Basketball matches are highly enjoyable and it is a pleasure to watch the players playing the game. One of the most interesting aspects is the colorful shirts worn by the players. The uniforms for basketball are being created in a different manner and varied creative specifications are being included within the same and thus you must consider them.

Basketball shirts need to be worn in a systematic manner so that professionalism can be maintained. The shirts must be ironed and properly maintained so that impressive impacts can be created. The shirts are quite colorful in nature and they are also being equipped with lots of unique designs and logo designers Melbourne and color shades and this is necessary for enhancing the overall look of the uniforms. 

What are the major specifications of shirts of basketball?

There are some major specifications of basketball shirts and you must know about them so that you can choose the right one. If you visit the official site of the manufacturers, then you will come to know about these specifications. Some of these specifications are as follows:-

• These shirts are mainly customized so that they can be worn for representing the concerned purposes. In this way, your purposes can be well-served along with the fulfillment of your objective. 

• They are usually worn with sneakers or shorts and thus you must maintain the format so that you can get within the basketball team and can play for your team. 

• The shirts must be tucked inside your shorts in order to get a smart look along with a blastedpersonality. This is mainly regarded as the professional way of using these shirts and thus all the players must abide by the same. 

• The shirts are very much colorful and possess different useful details especially logo, team information, number and others. This is the reason the players can be easily recognized by the coach and audiences.

• These shirts can be made up of different materials out of which you got to choose the best one that can cater you the highest comfort and you can wear them with greater convenience. In most of the cases, polyester serves the concerned purpose in the most effective manner and this is the reason most of the players are using the material. 

• These shirts can be of different varieties and thus you got to choose the right one. You must also look for the best source from where you can acquire these shirts. You can visit the sites of different brands manufacturing these kinds of sports shirts.