Different Uses Of Recycled Teak

As teak products are rare to come across these days, recycled teak products are on the rise, which is an eco friendly way to create wooden furniture without using fresh sources of hardwood. Recycled teak can be used in different ways, for creating furniture, flooring and built in items. There are several companies that specialize in working with reclaimed or recycled teak and use the material in different furniture items. They also provide certification about the original source of the wood. For those who are concerned about the source of the wood can look up certifying organizations and know how they audit the wood suppliers and whether a company is genuine about their claims.

Common sources

When it comes to getting teak for recycling it is usually obtained from old structures, barns, storehouses and homes. The structures are found in the tropics and consist of broad and large planks of the hardwood. These planks can be put to use again as well as cut down into different sizes for the making of reproduction furniture and similar items. Boats, shipping containers and railway cars also come with teak fittings which can be stripped off and reused in different ways.

Features of recycled teak

Teak that is recycled has beautiful and close grains that showcase its quality. Before matured trees were chosen for making structures and buildings for which the wood has a strong color and tight grains. Today teak is grown in plantations and are usually harvested early and bred to grow fast. This quality of teak has a coarse grain, is less strong and durable and less attractive. For that reason recycled teak can give a distinct look and feel to reproduction furniture in Melbourne.

Advantages of recycled teak

It is definitely more eco friendly to use recycled teak in wooden projects than to opt for fresh hardwood. New trees are not felled for these projects. There is no extra demand created from wood by recycling used teak from old structures. Most environmental experts are concerned about the extensive deforestation of the tropical forests and the destruction of the natural habitats of animals and other plants. By using recycled teak further felling of tropical trees is prevented.

Using local sources

Those who are looking for recycled teak need to source the wood locally. It is important that the carbon foot printing is reduced and hence, qualified furniture makers who use recycled teak first look around for local sources. Many communities have old buildings and structures from where wood can be recycled. It also helps to create jobs and construction projects and contributes to the local economy. These are some benefits that recycling can provide to a community, far beyond the creation of mere furniture pieces or construction elements for a certain building or structure.