Ideas For Decorating The Bathroom

The most personal room of the house, even more so than your own room is the bathroom.  It is where you sing your heart out and then think deeply of your future dreams and life goals and also where you admire yourself. But when you have a bleak bathroom then it becomes hard to even allow anyone to enter it. So instead of going for the lone potted plant, here are some ideas to help figure out what to put into the bathroom.

•         For the walls

Usually the walls are either tiled or just left bare. So instead of just leaving them bare, go for hanging a painting or two like some Emily Kame Kngwarreye work or other great inspirational works. Or go for some wall hangers (like the raw canvas works0 or even your favorite movie poster (framed retro posters are everyone’s favorite).

•         Pick colors carefully

When you have a painted or tiled bathroom (sometimes in multicolor mode) it is hard to pick interior decorative items (it is not like you can go and repaint or re-tile the whole bathroom). So take your time when picking colors for items to put inside the bathroom. If you are going for emily kame kngwarreye artworks work or other paintings or posters then there is nothing to worry about as you just need to hang it and it will do the whole work and you will not even need the potted plant.

But if you do not want a painting then you will have to do for a single item or two to put inside the bathroom. Depending on your walls, floors and cupboards then you will either have to go for a shocking color or a pastel shade. A pastel shade will blend in unless there is something outlandish or eye catching about it but the eye popping color items (even the toothbrush holder) will brighten up the whole room.

•         What kind of items

When putting aside posters and paintings, you can go for the traditional air purifying plants, dried flowers or plants in a glass container (looks classy with white walls) and a great patterned shower curtain that matches the shades of your wall. You can always place a wooden log or an antique stool you found at the secondhand store to place the towels and shampoo bottles and such by the tub. Be careful of the colors and items you are placing inside a bathroom. If you have a small bathroom do not place breakables or large items inside as it will end up taking out space left for maneuvering.