Last Minute Event Checklist

This is an event checklist that you can refer to, a few days prior to even a few minutes before the start of a party, to ensure everything will be a smooth ride!


The venue has to be booked and confirmed as soon as possible, and the last minute checking has to be done at least a day prior to the pop up fashion event, or any event of any nature to ensure that the booking is still in place and there are no changes made. This is vital, as in some situations anything can go wrong and you should make sure that there is absolutely no room for mistakes of any sort.


You will have to get the RSVP from all the guests, and list it down once you do. If you don’t receive any, you will have to find a way to contact them and get feedback. This should also be done as early as possible, so that you have an almost accurate head count of who is turning up and who isn’t.


If you have hired a DJ, or a band or any other form of entertainment, you will have to call them and re remind them about the time and date. The entertainment is what sets the mood for the event, so ensuring this is in check is extremely vital for mood of the party!


Talk to the caterers, or the chef. Decide on the menu and visit the kitchen and food area a few time before the start of the event, so that you know that everything is going according to plan. You have to have a backup plan if anything were to go wrong, so that you will not be in lost in any case! Visit


Remind everyone who is going to give speeches about the time they are allocated and at what time they are supposed to go on stage. Having a copy of the schedule will also be helpful, as this way everyone is well informed and prepared so you don’t have to run around!

Everything in place

If you are the host or the main organizer, you have to run around and do quite a bit of checking around and ensuring everything is kept in check. The event planner should do everything to keep the party alive. This has to be done, and if you are unable to do this and are in charge of ushering the guest, this responsibility has to be entrusted to someone with similar capabilities. Make sure you write down a list of all the factors that have to be looked into, and once that is done you can enjoy the party!

This checklist will get you through even the hardest of event planning times!